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Welcome !

Thank you for your interest in everyone here at WAM Essentials, Inc. Let me tell you a little bit about us:

WAM Essentials, Inc. is a small, family owned company that was incorporated in January 2004 in Texas. Our primary goals have been to disseminate Dr. Wong's teachings on natural health on a global level at an affordable price. This includes audio files, printed text, books, and nutritional supplements. We strive to keep our prices as low as possible on all products we offer for sale, especially those products offered under the Dr. Wong's Essentials┬« label.

Dr. Wong has been recognized around the world as a cutting edge, straight talking healer who ventures outside the box of conventional thinking, even for Naturopaths, by finding affordable natural remedies and steering people away from high-priced pseudo remedies that no one can tell works. Why? Because he has a gift and because he truly cares about people and helping them be well. And so, Dr. Wong's generosity is the underlying current that flows through WAM Essentials, Inc.

After a lot of research and guidance, we are proud to offer the Dr. Wong's Essentials┬« brand of products. This is a growing and evolving line of nutritional supplements that will focus on the products Dr. Wong discusses the most for all inflammatory processes, male and female sexuality, candida infections (systemic yeast infections), estrogen dominance, fertility, virus fighting, and toxicity etc. This line of products will not be a catch all for every vitamin, mineral or nutritional supplement known to man. Dr. Wong is streamlining this arduous search for you and only offering those supplements he knows works because he has used them personally, given them to his patients, or had a family member try them. The Dr. Wong's Essentials┬« line of products uses the best products we have found - don't be fooled by the low prices. Dr. Wong uses these very same products in his own home! 

As our knowledge base grows and our quest for increasingly better products grows we may, at times, change suppliers or offer a slightly different product. Rest assured that we only have your best interests at heart. This is just one way you will know that we are always looking out for your best interests. 

Be well.
The WAM Essentials, Inc. Team! updates

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