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Item Number: fg246
Manufacturer: Dr. Wong's Essentials

Fasciagenesis: A Methylsulfonylmethane and Hyaluronic Supplement


The soft connective tissue of the body does a number of things. 


·      It holds your muscles to your bones,

·      Holds your joints together,

·      It holds the lower back together,

·      It holds the skin to the muscles. 

·      Soft connective tissue forms the tubes of the blood vessels and bowels. 


So what are the results of not having the nutritional-where-with-all to maintain and rebuild the soft connective tissue?


·      Weak blood vessels which rupture easily causing anything from being easily bruised to hemorrhagic strokes. 

·      Weak permeable intestinal walls (leaky gut syndrome). 

·      Sagging skin as it hangs off of the face and body without support and uplift from the underlying muscles.

·      Wrinkles, as fascia collapses its support under the skin.

·      Weak connection between the retina and the inside of the eye.

·      A weak lower back structure.

·      Joints prone to osteoarthritis.


According to Histology (the study of tissues), there are two primary building blocks of connective tissue: organic sulphur (as the bricks) and Vit. C (as the cement).   Along with those two primary building blocks Hyaluronic Acid and Molybdenum give soft connective tissue elasticity and strength. 


Now all of the components of fascia / soft connective tissue are available in physiologically meaningful doses (i.e. enough to actually do something), in our new Fasciagenesis product.     One or two scoops a day of this Raspberry flavored powder in water or juice are what your body has been waiting for...


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